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Desiree Callender & Associates Realtors launched in March of 2007. It was the year of our country’s historic credit crash that sent the real estate market into a tailspin, altering the dynamics of an industry I had spent over 25 professional years of my life perfecting with great fulfillment and joy. What started out as an exciting new business venture, quickly turned into a unique challenge, one that I am still working to master today.

One of my key intentions with starting my own brokerage was to give back to the industry, by using my experience and techniques to train and develop a new generation of agents, and helping them to brand themselves as agents who operate with integrity and the utmost quality of service. Instead, with the market quickly destabilizing I had to switch gears focusing even closer on the constantly changing need of the consumer, rather than developing young agents and growing my new Business.

While our nation struggled to fight off a deep depression-recession here at home, we were also waging war overseas, and our veterans along with other families were facing foreclosure in record numbers. Thousands of homeowners who purchased their homes from 2003 to 2008 were loosing value on their property, and found they owed more than what their homes would sell for. They were underwater, they could not refinance, and a short sale or loan modification seemed like their only option. It became very evident that to best serve my clients and the community, it was necessary to become equipped with new skills to deal with the increasing distress in the marketplace while helping homeowners to make informed decisions. By taking time to become a certified specialist representing homeowners facing such challenging circumstances, it helps me to provide added value to my clients. 

Now, as the market begins to stabilize Desiree Callender & Associates is back on track and ready to serve you with the best and brightest Real Estate talent in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Please take a moment to visit our Associates pages and get to know them. We are here to keep you informed and abreast of the changes in the real estate market that will work to your best advantage. Visit our website often and sign up for all of the features that will help make navigating the real estate market an enjoyable journey for your and your family. We look forward to Serving You!


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